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The Litmus Test of Love

Posted on 19 November 2012 by Meena-Om

Love in absolute purity is strength. Love is God, God is love.

Evolution of love (growth of love): -

  • We love only when someone loves us.
  • We love effortlessly and spontaneously.
  • We want to be loved in exchange.
  • We love even if we are not loved in return i.e. we love unconditionally.
  • We expect that at some level, even this unconditional love of ours is recognized, appreciated and accepted.
  • Ultimate love is love for love’s sake  – pure love. We love spontaneously, simply, effortlessly and purely without any fear of mental, social or moral bondages, desires, needs and expectations. This highest form of love is guided by true wisdom and bestows bliss and joy.

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