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Posted on 25 September 2012 by Meena-Om

Actually spirituality is very difficult. Religion is easier. Religion gives scope for mind games and deviations but in spirituality even point one variation is undesirable or can be devastating.

So before embarking in the path of spirituality have courage strength and true knowledge to avoid falsehood and mind interference. It cannot be manipulated by intelligent gimmicks.

Spirituality is the science of spirit. Knowing it by working on your true self while doing so one has to constantly meditate upon everything happening inside.

While practicing religion one can afford to deviate, think of many things around or can even do whatever fancies the attention. In spirituality you have to be just TRUTHFUL, NO WAY OUT.

So before stepping into spirituality burn all your doubts, suspicions and intellectual inquires. It needs courage, surrender whole and complete (absolute) and that requires complete transformation by working on your own true being. While in religion total transformation is not aspired for. Its shelter is taken for banking upon it for peace forgiveness and blessings rather than working towards growth and transformation. Religion is more like horizontal line and spirituality is vertical aspiring to realise the reality of truth.


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