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Posted on 21 June 2012 by Meena-Om

Tranquility is an inner peaceful, content and consistent state of mind. It is not loneliness. It is liberation from all emotional and physical bondages. Physical, emotional and financial dependency is the result of desire and is similar to slavery. Be self-sufficient. When needs are reduced, desires diminish automatically. Being free from desires does not mean not desiring. Desire, but do not get attached to results. Be happy with every moment. If things do not go your way or someone leaves you, still be happy. Everything happens due to a super mechanism, our inner magnetism. It attracts incidents and people according to its growth, evolution and positivity. So try to live each moment to perfection. By stringing together these perfect moments, the final outcome will also be perfect. Tranquility is the first step to create a total void, which will be filled effortlessly with divine light and wisdom. Do not feel lonely, know the beauty of tranquility to know your true self.

Me, My self, My God

My Soul


My Tranquility

I am Five

I am not alone

This tranquility is what God loves!



Satyamev jayate…………..Love never fails……..Karm is Dharm

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