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Towards True Liberation

Posted on 20 September 2012 by Meena-Om

A spiritual and enlightened human develops a magnet inside his/her being that attracts others. If that spiritual being uses this enlightenment to divert people’s energy towards his own glorification and expanding his domain it reflects that the siddhi of magnetism is being used according to his/her own mind tuning!

This energy (magnet) of attraction is to be used to make people realise their own truth and to channelise their energy for the welfare of humanity as a whole.

Everyone is born enlightened but only by constant endeavour…PURUSHARTH IT IS TO BE REALISED – after realisation ONE SHOULD JUST ACT …as an instrument of Supreme (NO MIND GAMES) and do sadhana for true liberation…in living in body & take life as Supreme’s granted life…TIME…for Supreme cause only.

Pranam always tries to use word ‘supreme’ hardly uses word God… GOD. In Geeta Upanishad…etc the words used for ‘Presider’ provider & executor of the whole show CREATION is referred as Param Atma (Supreme Soul) Eishwar Parmeshwar Prabhu Vidhata NIYANTA Param Satta SARVA-VYAPI Sarva-Gyani Sarva Shaktiman etc etc…indicating attributes (GUNAS) of supreme soul…But ‘god’ word does not have any verbal (wordly) meaning…Yes the word ‘bhagwan’ is used sometimes as Bhagwad Swaroop – for a form reflecting 6 attributes of SUPREME

Poorn Gyan

Poorn Vairagya

Poorn Dharm Karm (Perfect Conduct)

Yash – glory

Shobha – grace

Aishwarya – abundance

PARAM + ATMA Paramatma is like mercury Nobody can pinch or hold.

To unite or merge with that one has to develop mercurial attributes

Parey Main Para Mil Jaata Hai



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