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Pranam Message for 2017

Posted on 14 January 2017 by Meena-Om





By shedding all acquired traits to feel the essence of soul–fearless doubtless and weightless – absolute bliss of being poorn – whole and complete. To realize the truth that your inner most core pure conscience in reality is the emanation of the Supreme Intelligence that governs the whole cosmic show.


Be free from all self-imposed forms images limitations and human mind created religions. World is not just Maya, a cycle of birth and death, to go on cutting ignorance, but a laboratory to manifest superb human of Natures’ will through constant tests of life and time.


Stop dissecting situations and people. Cut the noise of frivolous words and sounds. Be conscious of all the actions of the mind, body, prejudices and preconceived notions. Just witness everything without getting affected. Do sadhna towards healthy body, quiet mind and a heart full of gratitude and magnanimity.


State the truth without fear and undercurrents. Simplify everything from living to conduct. Work on your self and pray for all.


Nurturing is natural nature of human. Realize the power of truthful thoughts pure intentions loving feels and progressive actions. Everyone is endowed with some special individual attribute waiting to be flourished for some greater cause. So sow the seed of the thought that sprouts from the psychic being. Nurture it with all your might to turn it into a vision, mission of life to justify and feel fulfilled about your human existence and sojourn on Earth.


Great churning, mahamanthan is happening at every level for truth and reality to surface. Nature has cornered human into grave situations due to his mind games of unnatural living, forcing insisting impressing intimidating through status power wealth and display, degrading others to the point where to listen and act according to the conscience is the only option left.


Do something for self-transformation and for the welfare, growth and evolution of others. Supreme intelligence, Param Bodhi bestows all directives and support to the humans who are on the path of truth love karm and light because this is in accordance with cosmic design for further evolution into being of light, true human in the real sense.


May human love human

May Pranam enlighten the world

May peace prevail in every heart

Divinity reflects through every being.


Satyamev jayate…. Love never Fails…. Karm is Dharm…. Light Liberates


Meena Om


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Surrender is Liberating

Posted on 16 September 2012 by Meena-Om

Total surrender to the Almighty is the highest form of bhakti. It stands for accepting every situation as a gift or prasad from God.

Problem is that we are never in surrender. Surrender is giving whole and complete attention to whatever is at hand. Surrender to the moment and grasping maximum out of it that is the benefit of surrender whole and complete. Surrender is liberation not captivation. Surrender is not complete till ego is there, when you are taking knowledge from the guru for knowledge’s sake. Boosting your ego you know so much or judging the guru how evolved he is or how much he knows. So surrender lies in the moment, what you are imbibing from the moment for your growth…it should be imbibed with your whole being. This is for students too. Be in total surrender of the teacher so you can imbibe everything. You will never forget it. If you study in complete surrender in class, you will never forget knowledge gained and then surrender becomes wisdom when you play on the ground of life.

This brings to mind a story about a marble slab which became envious of a marble sculpture that every one admired. The slab, now being used as a floor tile, was furious that people trampled on it while they admired the sculpture even though they were both from the same mine and same rock. Fed up of the slab’s whining, the sculpture reminded the tile that when they were being sculpted, the slab had resisted the blows of hammer and pricks of the chisel, the hardship in the process of sculpting and so was left to remain a tile. On the other hand, the sculpture, as a slab itself, decided to be in the surrender of the sculptors, accepting all the chiselling and hammering and hence was moulded into something beautiful. It was all a question of surrender.

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