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Witness your gunas, don’t suppress them

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Witness your gunas, don’t suppress them

Posted on 04 September 2012 by Meena-Om

Let the gunas or your attributes surface. The gunas will go away, will leave you, only once you have played them. If you suppress them with some technique, they will surface to play later. Surface they must. Before you die, that guna will surely surface, such is the tuning. So let the feeling of jealously, envy in you surface. Let the gunas surface…witness them, it is happening.  ‘It is in me…but this has surfaced to go away, to leave me,’ put that thought. Also when you are truthful, you know there are certain gunas in you, it is fine. Nothing is bad, or wrong, but hiding it or hypocrisy certainly is wrong. But when you realise that you still have certain undesirable qualities in you and the Supreme starts helping you to come out of them…He starts to fulfill your little desires and wishes. Life then starts becoming effortless for you.

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