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Meri Aadat

Posted on 12 September 2012 by Meena-Om

My Habit

I have the habit of making proper lessons of everything I learn feel and experience from life. Then I go on adding to these lessons whenever I find any other matter or realise something myself. So I have my own library of my own written lessons on many facets of life which is in my mind for my own reference. Only I know the index number and how to operate it and to take out the right context at right time with my DHYAN.

Sometimes I feel I am an extinct species here in this modern age, because nobody believes that such a person exists in this materialistic world. Nobody can know my psyche in a few days. They wonder at my so many channels. The more they want to know about me  the more they get confused. I am always a mystery to them. But I am not confused about myself. I am clear like crystal only others have to be crystal clear and pure and STILL TO SEE ME FOR SEEING THE REFLECTIONS OF THEIR OWN TRUTH TRUTH OF HUMAN POTENTIAL

‘Satya ke drishti samdrishti jo sabb jaane dekhe boojhe samaje sabka satya’

This is truth

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