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Supreme Provider – Providence

Posted on 22 June 2012 by Meena-Om

I turned to my creator for providence
I found my solace in Nature
And lo! Nature provided me with everything
Pampering all my emotional needs
Energy for worldly tasks and sublime deeds
Quenching my thirst for knowledge
Clearing clouds from my suspicions
Dissolving all illusions on planet Earth
Queries of Universal secrets of my existence
All were answered and then I hugged
Now we are inseparable co-travelers
Knowing each other, feeling each other
Communicating in silence
Aware of the same thought at the same time
The Feeling of the Soul
The thought which is not being thought
It is a beautiful happening, A miraculous splendid happening
No duality no polarity, perfect regularity…
I dwell now in the nucleus the point of total merging
One mass of energy floating in to all planes of energy
Effortlessly surging with the essence of the moment
O nature, my love, it is so simple
I turned to you and you made me provider like u
Without any effort
But I am not provider
Witnessing the supreme providence with complete gratitude.

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