Meena Om

Born on 2nd October 1943 Meena Om was greatly influenced by Mahatma Gandhi and his ideals. Her close association with Gandhiji and Meera Ben on a personal level during her early childhood left an indelible mark on her.Meena Om with her vivacious visage and a 1000-watt smile is a spiritual mentor, master of sciences, healer, philosopher, sufi mystic or perhaps just simply a ‘good’ human being. Nature is Meenaji’s inspiration, her mentor and her guide. She has merged with it to become a reflection of Mother Nature, her Daughter.Thus an obvious extension of all her wisdom was Pranam – a movement that is aspiring to prepare humankind for Global Oneness based on the true wisdom of Laws of Nature. Pranam means the expansion of one’s soul with humility. Pranam’s vision is to cultivate and motivate young minds to spread TRUTH, LOVE and LIGHT, by the spiritual realisation of the ever-evolving universal Consciousness, experiencing the joy of being a real human being, the perfect creation of Nature.