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Posted on 28 November 2012 by Meena-Om

Clarity reflects the growth of consciousness. It develops by constant and progressive, deepening, heightening and widening of our being. It comes by cutting all bondages of mind, body and life. It descends when we are freed from the cobwebs of ego and begin to experience the light of soul. When we feel the will and purpose of the soul in the universe and live in the thought of oneness, clarity touches it climax. For clarity we have to take plunge within to discover our reality.

There are several pathies developed and promoted by new age spiritual gurus for this purpose, but whatever path is followed it needs unflinching faith, courage, perseverance and surrender. This is the only force which can enlighten the mind, reveal the reality and cut the ignorance -darkness.

The purpose of creation is growth. Transformation of mind and body into expression of universal truth – to reflect the grace and glory of perfect universal mechanism – which is described as POORN (whole and complete) in Vedas. To go through life behaving according to supreme consciousness is the only Dharm. Not to act through one’s ego or according to others will is a difficult endeavour but it is in reality a true sadhana. To be an instrument of the divine force is the only job (or to fit into supreme design) for human to bring love and light to our planet.

A mind that is restless and is always analyzing things intellectually cannot have clarity. When you enter the field of clarity by cutting all ignorance you no longer live in mind and ego but in the divine consciousness. Transformation starts happening and your whole being becomes an expression and expansion of this truth. To live and act through this vaster consciousness becomes the law of life. Truly significant things for growth cannot be understood by technical pathies or intellectual reasoning. Clarity leads to purity. Purity is the true Dharm of nature.

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Posted on 25 September 2012 by Meena-Om


All ten rasas or beauty of emotions as stated by Shri Shiv are to be mastered not conquered.

Emotions are just like moods of Nature. Reflected according to the time requirement for balance and harmony. As depicted in mythology that destruction used to happen (occur) when Shri Shiv performed TANDAV. But the fact is Shiv was totally tuned to NATURAL UNIVERSAL ENERGIES AND THEIR MOODS. So when Nature was in MOOD of destruction this absolute sensitive human body used to receive these violent vibrations and his body reflected that in form of TANDAV. As a message of destruction. This is the truth.


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How gunas play, is not in your hand!

How gunas play, is not in your hand!

Posted on 06 September 2012 by Meena-Om

Playing the gunas, their surfacing or their going away is not in your hands. You imbibe gunas from the mother’s womb too when you are in the embryo form by way of  your mother’s thoughts, you don’t know what gunas you have, and where you acquired them or when they will surface. Same goes for karms. You don’t know what you have brought along from earlier births, which you created here and when. Past life therapies etc can be of no help. Knowing the details about your karms etc won’t be of much help as you will still have to live those gunas. You will have to play them. You will have to cut those karms by yourself. By knowing more about your karms or your gunas through past life therapies etc you will only start a new karmic cycle as the information will get stored in your subconscious mind. This will create another cycle of thoughts. And knowing that the events were destined to happen, you could become karmheen—complacent too. If people say that your bad karms will go away if you performed certain austerities, daan or punya…then you start a barter system. It is just mind calculation.

The Supreme brings forth in your life only those situations which will help you cut your karms. He gives you that family, those friends, and situations which are meant to cut your karms and you get busy avoiding these, busy abusing the very things which are supposed to help you cut your karms.

It is also so effortless. Whatever comes in front of you – people, animals, situations, weather… is all meant to cut your karms, the weather…elements…all come to give you something. Why do we analyse, criticize, avoid them. The sooner you deal with these, go through these, the better. It is so simple. Karm hi karm ko kateh hain. Gurus and swamis have made a business out of it –offering you advice on how to avoid your karm — ‘do this and your problems will go away!’ Know that karm will be cut by karm alone. And the karm which you have got effortlessly, it is coming in front of you, be in gratitude. Unknowingly it will cut the karm which you don’t even know about. And why you want to know about your earlier karms etc?  By knowing all that, you create another karm cycle, because now this thing has also entered your subconscious mind, which is not the truth. Who has seen your past birth! You store such information in your subconscious mind, and it will create one more cycle.

People have made their life so complicated, that nothing can eradicate their complexities whole and complete. But pranam is in gratitude that all things are pointing to one thing – that there is something more to know (not learning, information or acquired knowledge) through their own sensitivities which have been numbed by pathies and so called techniques and  spoon feeding of acquired knowledge (mind games). It is all so simple!

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Witness your gunas, don’t suppress them

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Witness your gunas, don’t suppress them

Posted on 04 September 2012 by Meena-Om

Let the gunas or your attributes surface. The gunas will go away, will leave you, only once you have played them. If you suppress them with some technique, they will surface to play later. Surface they must. Before you die, that guna will surely surface, such is the tuning. So let the feeling of jealously, envy in you surface. Let the gunas surface…witness them, it is happening.  ‘It is in me…but this has surfaced to go away, to leave me,’ put that thought. Also when you are truthful, you know there are certain gunas in you, it is fine. Nothing is bad, or wrong, but hiding it or hypocrisy certainly is wrong. But when you realise that you still have certain undesirable qualities in you and the Supreme starts helping you to come out of them…He starts to fulfill your little desires and wishes. Life then starts becoming effortless for you.

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Fabulous Five

Fabulous Five

Posted on 24 August 2012 by Meena-Om

Today I shall live in gratitude and aspire for divine grace. Pray for being a deserving medium for universal cosmic energy that heals whole and complete.

Today I will not be in the state of doership or worry about anything from situations to objects. Live each moment to the best of your abilities and everything else will be taken care of by nature’s law.

Today I will not be angry or deplete my energy in acute emotional outbursts. Acute emotions and anger are the result of feeling out of control. If you are experiencing these do not feel guilty, be aware of your reactions and feel thankful for having got an opportunity to look at your weaknesses and pent up emotions due to subconscious traumas, guilt and fear.

Today I will try my best to do my work perfectly and honestly using all my physical and mental capacities. To be honest with oneself is to face truth in all things, truth brings clarity. Honesty with yourself will project honesty into others.

Today I will show love and respect for all being and matter everything.  To show love and respect to everything is to love and respect our Mother Earth and ourselves.


                                    ONE RELIGION      -           LOVE

                                    ONE PATH               -           TRUTH

                                    ONE GOAL              -           TOTAL BLISS

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