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The language of symbols

Posted on 21 November 2012 by Meena-Om

Symbols have a unique world of their own. They speak through various forms like lines, dots colors etc and represent complete scriptures. These are spontaneous expressions and are created to represent inner truths and feelings. Since these are forceful and complete inner expression only those individuals who are sensitive to visual representations can relate or decode these. Symbols have instant associations for example seeing a ‘mace’ one is reminded of Hanumanji or Bhim, the Sudarshan chakra reminds us of the strength of Vishnu and Sri Krishna’s invincibility. The bow and arrow reminds us of Sri Ram and the ‘trishul’ or trident of Durga, the ‘damru’ of Lord Shiva and last but not the least the rat reminds us of the benevolent Ganesha. Like these there are various symbols and a variety of deities and their divine qualities are completely represented through them. To realise and understand these in totality and to translate them into our daily sadhna, to feel their essence and wisdom, spontaneous and accurate response and complete karm are necessary. Only people who have divine vision and are truthful seekers can experience and realise these. Just like Sri Krishna’s divine ‘virat rup’ could only be viewed by Sanjay and Arjun.

The ancient seers of our land were very wise to have cleverly concealed the secrets of the science of human existence, natural and universal mysteries in the form of our various deities and their heroic deeds.

Knowledge stored in the written word and verbal traditions can easily be lost or misinterpreted to suit selfish purposes. But the purity of symbolic representation can only be decoded by individual selected by divine choice and this knowledge flows to the true seeker because only TRUTH can reach TRUTH. THIS IS THE TRUTH.

All scriptures related to our Indian culture mention in some place or the other the fact that ‘these are spiritual secrets and should be imparted only to the deserving.’ There is a reason for this statement. Symbolic language, their beauty and the truths hidden in these visual representations can only be decoded by the person who is blessed by Goddess Saraswati, who symbolises wisdom and truth.

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To be Gunateet…..

Posted on 15 November 2012 by Meena-Om

There are three ways to rise above the attributes (gunas) the Supreme has endowed everyone with……

  1.  One is able to rise above the basic gunas – Rajas, Tamas, Sattva — that Supreme has endowed us with only once we have lived them fully. Let them play according to their intensity. Gunas will not go away if they are suppressed. This starts happening at a quick speed automatically once the being comes into the aura of the person who has lived his/her gunas, and has risen above them. Experience them and they will go.
  2. One can rise above the gunas by living them by wisdom…i.e. live them up to a point that one does not feel guilty or fearful …..have your OWN limit line…… This is your dharm.
  3. Third way to transcend them, become ‘gunateet’ is by practicing pranayam and yoga (doing sadhana) whereby one burns (bhasm) the seed of the gunas from their core, for this a true spiritual mentor is needed.

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Posted on 24 September 2012 by Meena-Om

  • Nature is a medium to instill God’s attributes in human and manifest it in form – according to time-requirement.
  • Nature has installed all godly attributes in human to be blossomed into Godhead – godhood.
  • Human is the best and most perfect creation of Nature or to say so that Human is the outcome of the ultimate perfection of evolution of – jiva.
  • God is the personified manifestation of ultimate perfection of human mind heart and intelligence.


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Life on earth

Posted on 15 September 2012 by Meena-Om

A Divine Life on Earth should be compilation balancing (UNIFICATION) of spiritual growth and materialistic-approach.

Transformation is not a drastic change into something beyond imagination, reach or discarding all worldly things. It is about balancing and relating to everything matter or being as divinising, divine grace with some message or purpose towards growth to be part of constant evolution…CONSTANT EVOLUTION – ETERNAL PLAY OF THE CREATION.

Life on Earth is about dissolving all illusions and ignorance and filling the mind with pure Light – Absolute Truth.

Pure Light that effortlessly gets connected YOG – MERGE with SUPREME LIGHT – PUREST HIGHEST REALITY – TRUTH.



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A short note on Pranam

Posted on 13 September 2012 by Meena-Om

Pranam is here to server mankind and resurgence of Bharat

Extend and expand the truth of truthful spiritual way by cutting all falsehood and ignorance

This is the truth of future

The time has arrived for true spirituality to assert itself and establish the reality of creation.

As a manifestation of spirit

A great light has descended

To make every one experience oneness

  • So change and grow
  • Ignite light from within
  • True gyan will not come without  communing with your true self
  • Emptying yourself of past garbage and filling yourself with truth love and light
  • ACTION – KARM performed as tapasya

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Meri Aadat

Posted on 12 September 2012 by Meena-Om

My Habit

I have the habit of making proper lessons of everything I learn feel and experience from life. Then I go on adding to these lessons whenever I find any other matter or realise something myself. So I have my own library of my own written lessons on many facets of life which is in my mind for my own reference. Only I know the index number and how to operate it and to take out the right context at right time with my DHYAN.

Sometimes I feel I am an extinct species here in this modern age, because nobody believes that such a person exists in this materialistic world. Nobody can know my psyche in a few days. They wonder at my so many channels. The more they want to know about me  the more they get confused. I am always a mystery to them. But I am not confused about myself. I am clear like crystal only others have to be crystal clear and pure and STILL TO SEE ME FOR SEEING THE REFLECTIONS OF THEIR OWN TRUTH TRUTH OF HUMAN POTENTIAL

‘Satya ke drishti samdrishti jo sabb jaane dekhe boojhe samaje sabka satya’

This is truth

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Human to human conduct

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Human to human conduct

Posted on 05 September 2012 by Meena-Om

You just to have to keep a watch on where you stand on the human scale. There is no way you can know where you are on the spiritual scale, or how close you are to divinity, or how much baggage you are carrying in your subconscious mind. You can only know where you stand on the human scale. Intelligence has to be used for this -to keep a watch where you fall off the pedestal of humanity. In the present moment you can see when and where you were rude to someone, where you did not treat the other person like a human being. No need to go into details…only keep watch on your human to human conduct. There is only one criteria to measure this – do unto others what you want others to do to you. It is so simple. Behave with others like you want others to behave with you…with warmth, with love, care. If you want that if you have made a mistake, others should tell you politely, not keep it to themselves…you too must do that too. This is something your mind can do; this is in your hands. You have control on this.

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Why Karm Is Dharm

Why Karm Is Dharm

Posted on 30 June 2012 by Meena-Om

kaam etc are different from karm. Actually no English (western) world can define or do justice to Vedic word KARM.
Only the Geeta has stated pure intense and absolute knowledge (gyan) of KARM.
Karm towards body mind and soul, family society country world and the entire Universe. THAT KARM IS DHARM.
Even highly evolved souls after cutting previous collection of karm have to be absolutely aware of the daily created karms till they live on Earth. Karms are created daily, every moment, as one takes food daily but expels waste….karms too need to be washed off….and that is why karm hee karm ko kaat-ta hai….BUT this does not mean that a ‘good’ karm mitigates the effect of a ‘bad’ one….one has to go through EVERY EFFECT GENERATED BY SO CALLED GOOD OR BAD THOUGHTS WORDS OR DEEDS. Even when faced by the effect of a ‘bad’ karm or ‘past life’ karm, when one is firm in karm yog, then one gets strength and wisdom to SAIL through it peacefully and gracefully.  Overall, the emphasis is to be AWARE that whatever act is performed should be by KNOWING THE CALL OF THE SOUL….the inner self, but knowing the REAL VOICE OF THE SOUL comes through sadhna! So until then we should PERFORM EVERY DEED THAT COMES INFRONT of us to the MAXIMUM OF OUR MENTAL AND PHYSICAL CAPACITY.
One who knows how to completely detach  the self from karm – taking wisdom out of it (clue for further growth) –WALKS LIGHT AS A BEING OF LIGHT.

Satyamev jayate……….Karm is dharm………..Love never fails

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I may not…

I may not…

Posted on 23 June 2012 by Meena-Om

I may not be a writer to write bestsellers

I may not be recorded again and again

I may not be in the rat race to win Nobel Prize

I may not be head of any organisation

I may not be a celebrity star

I may not be an industrialist

I may not be successful in worldly language


May be the supreme consciousness which is my guiding force does not want me to spend that purest energy in these perishable gains. My supreme intelligence wants me to be in purest human form, real human form to tell human on this Earth that a human in it’s purest form, essence only can lead to constant Natural growth which is bliss in itself. We are not to reject or renounce this material and worldly world but to reject ignorance, in conscience and hypocrisy – falsehood – which fills our lives when we are not in CONNECTION





This is the truth.

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Supreme Provider – Providence

Supreme Provider – Providence

Posted on 22 June 2012 by Meena-Om

I turned to my creator for providence
I found my solace in Nature
And lo! Nature provided me with everything
Pampering all my emotional needs
Energy for worldly tasks and sublime deeds
Quenching my thirst for knowledge
Clearing clouds from my suspicions
Dissolving all illusions on planet Earth
Queries of Universal secrets of my existence
All were answered and then I hugged
Now we are inseparable co-travelers
Knowing each other, feeling each other
Communicating in silence
Aware of the same thought at the same time
The Feeling of the Soul
The thought which is not being thought
It is a beautiful happening, A miraculous splendid happening
No duality no polarity, perfect regularity…
I dwell now in the nucleus the point of total merging
One mass of energy floating in to all planes of energy
Effortlessly surging with the essence of the moment
O nature, my love, it is so simple
I turned to you and you made me provider like u
Without any effort
But I am not provider
Witnessing the supreme providence with complete gratitude.

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