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Know the Geeta by living it

Posted on 02 December 2012 by Meena-Om

O human, know that now it is time to add something new to the Geeta. But you have up till now not even known the Geeta fully, or lived it and known its experience, so then how will you evolve further? The Geeta is the voice of the consciousness of the age, not a discourse or interesting stories with examples (udharanswaroop).

Accurate straight answers, which Shri Krishn gave, based upon experience gained by living according to the Veds and Shastras. Only by living life according to the Geeta, some new questions will be formed, which will be answered by a highly evolved medium of Kaliyug prepared by Nature, and new dimensions will be added to the Geeta.

Only such a person can understand the Geeta completely who has imbibed the pain and essence of the life of Shri Krishn and understood that after how much penance (tapasya) of detachment and karm, speech becomes Geeta.

The Geeta is to be stated only to a deserving one.  Duryodhan etc. needed it more! But Arjun who himself has qualities of a learned (gyani) soul,  contemplative (dhyani), one who has conqured sleep (nidrajayee), lambbaho (long armed/agile) and always walked upon the dhram neeti (the law of Dharma) of his elder brother Dharamraj Yudhishthir, could manifest the Geeta through his questions.

Today, everyone wants answers to their questions, but not for performing dharm-karm or finding solutions by working on oneself. Like a mental exercise they distort and adjust it according to their own calculations and sometimes they question merely to question the gyan (knowledge) of the Guru. Knowing the answer to be the word of Truth, how many are ready to do sadhna-penance for it?

Arjun won the war and got engrossed with friends and relatives…..He did not spread the truth of the Geeta. Who accepted and imbibed the Geeta? If they did, Dwarika would not have been destroyed this way, the descendents of Krishn would have not lost their path thus. To the extent that it is even not clear how the the rites of a great soul like Yogeshwar Shri Krishn were performed according to rituals ordained in the scriptures or whether they were performed at all?

Feel the pain of Shri Krishn’s heart. He told everyone the secret of divinity and the way for human to become God, but today it can be seen all around that those who just explain the Geeta adorn the seats of Krishn mandirs enjoy life like royalty (raj-sukh bhog) and are selling tickets for heaven and liberation.

Instead of burning thousands of rupees on rituals and grand processions (shobha yatras) if a little bit of effort is done to know the truth inside then automatically and effortlessly the path towards kalyan (welfare and deliverance) will be visible.

O human awake, Nature has given you all the capacities that can help you to merge (yog) with the Supreme Soul (param atma).

Yes, although today, everyone is God, but who has such insuppressible (adamya) power of truth and unmatched courage like that of Krishn, Christ and Osho that they can say, ‘I have that Supreme essence in me, come in my surrender…’ this is the true Geeta which is the song (kaavya) of the soul.

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Time Requirement

Posted on 23 September 2012 by Meena-Om

Behind my physical frame there are unaccountable personalities

My being is a medium to reflect different kinds of states according to the requirement of the TIME

I am never in same state.

I am only consistent in my connection with supreme to the state of n duality.

This is the truth.

For me to slip into the moods of supreme design of cosmic intelligence is just effortless. Even at times even my own mind does not know.

This is the truth.


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Towards True Liberation

Posted on 20 September 2012 by Meena-Om

A spiritual and enlightened human develops a magnet inside his/her being that attracts others. If that spiritual being uses this enlightenment to divert people’s energy towards his own glorification and expanding his domain it reflects that the siddhi of magnetism is being used according to his/her own mind tuning!

This energy (magnet) of attraction is to be used to make people realise their own truth and to channelise their energy for the welfare of humanity as a whole.

Everyone is born enlightened but only by constant endeavour…PURUSHARTH IT IS TO BE REALISED – after realisation ONE SHOULD JUST ACT …as an instrument of Supreme (NO MIND GAMES) and do sadhana for true liberation…in living in body & take life as Supreme’s granted life…TIME…for Supreme cause only.

Pranam always tries to use word ‘supreme’ hardly uses word God… GOD. In Geeta Upanishad…etc the words used for ‘Presider’ provider & executor of the whole show CREATION is referred as Param Atma (Supreme Soul) Eishwar Parmeshwar Prabhu Vidhata NIYANTA Param Satta SARVA-VYAPI Sarva-Gyani Sarva Shaktiman etc etc…indicating attributes (GUNAS) of supreme soul…But ‘god’ word does not have any verbal (wordly) meaning…Yes the word ‘bhagwan’ is used sometimes as Bhagwad Swaroop – for a form reflecting 6 attributes of SUPREME

Poorn Gyan

Poorn Vairagya

Poorn Dharm Karm (Perfect Conduct)

Yash – glory

Shobha – grace

Aishwarya – abundance

PARAM + ATMA Paramatma is like mercury Nobody can pinch or hold.

To unite or merge with that one has to develop mercurial attributes

Parey Main Para Mil Jaata Hai



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Surrender is Liberating

Posted on 16 September 2012 by Meena-Om

Total surrender to the Almighty is the highest form of bhakti. It stands for accepting every situation as a gift or prasad from God.

Problem is that we are never in surrender. Surrender is giving whole and complete attention to whatever is at hand. Surrender to the moment and grasping maximum out of it that is the benefit of surrender whole and complete. Surrender is liberation not captivation. Surrender is not complete till ego is there, when you are taking knowledge from the guru for knowledge’s sake. Boosting your ego you know so much or judging the guru how evolved he is or how much he knows. So surrender lies in the moment, what you are imbibing from the moment for your growth…it should be imbibed with your whole being. This is for students too. Be in total surrender of the teacher so you can imbibe everything. You will never forget it. If you study in complete surrender in class, you will never forget knowledge gained and then surrender becomes wisdom when you play on the ground of life.

This brings to mind a story about a marble slab which became envious of a marble sculpture that every one admired. The slab, now being used as a floor tile, was furious that people trampled on it while they admired the sculpture even though they were both from the same mine and same rock. Fed up of the slab’s whining, the sculpture reminded the tile that when they were being sculpted, the slab had resisted the blows of hammer and pricks of the chisel, the hardship in the process of sculpting and so was left to remain a tile. On the other hand, the sculpture, as a slab itself, decided to be in the surrender of the sculptors, accepting all the chiselling and hammering and hence was moulded into something beautiful. It was all a question of surrender.

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Just a medium

Posted on 14 September 2012 by Meena-Om

My being is sending energy healing energy to matter being and whole universe. So I am just an instrument or medium (mode) like tunnel – TUNNEL OF LIGHT

For that no permission is required. JUST PRAY Prayer is enough. It is human’s FREE WILL. Do not have to violate laws of Nature. Be in accordance with HIGHER WILL…Make connection with HIGHER SPIRIT. Thy body – my body I am nothing. I am just a medium – imperfect medium – perishable body to carry on the WORK of NATURE


















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