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Why Karm Is Dharm

Why Karm Is Dharm

Posted on 30 June 2012 by Meena-Om

kaam etc are different from karm. Actually no English (western) world can define or do justice to Vedic word KARM.
Only the Geeta has stated pure intense and absolute knowledge (gyan) of KARM.
Karm towards body mind and soul, family society country world and the entire Universe. THAT KARM IS DHARM.
Even highly evolved souls after cutting previous collection of karm have to be absolutely aware of the daily created karms till they live on Earth. Karms are created daily, every moment, as one takes food daily but expels waste….karms too need to be washed off….and that is why karm hee karm ko kaat-ta hai….BUT this does not mean that a ‘good’ karm mitigates the effect of a ‘bad’ one….one has to go through EVERY EFFECT GENERATED BY SO CALLED GOOD OR BAD THOUGHTS WORDS OR DEEDS. Even when faced by the effect of a ‘bad’ karm or ‘past life’ karm, when one is firm in karm yog, then one gets strength and wisdom to SAIL through it peacefully and gracefully.  Overall, the emphasis is to be AWARE that whatever act is performed should be by KNOWING THE CALL OF THE SOUL….the inner self, but knowing the REAL VOICE OF THE SOUL comes through sadhna! So until then we should PERFORM EVERY DEED THAT COMES INFRONT of us to the MAXIMUM OF OUR MENTAL AND PHYSICAL CAPACITY.
One who knows how to completely detach  the self from karm – taking wisdom out of it (clue for further growth) –WALKS LIGHT AS A BEING OF LIGHT.

Satyamev jayate……….Karm is dharm………..Love never fails

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I Will Come Back

I Will Come Back

Posted on 27 June 2012 by Meena-Om

THROUGH Geeta – Sri Krishn stated “I WILL COME BACK” whenever TIME requires SAMBHAWAMI YUGE YUGE.

His consciousness — absolutely merged with Supreme Consciousness — had to state this five thousand years back. Because he (Supreme Consciousness) has faith in humans that they will learn and live according to Geeta then only they will be prepared and receptive for next lesson according to “TIME REQUIREMENT”.

Human has learnt Geeta understood Geeta intellectually (not spiritually) …recited it repeatedly give examples of Geeta sing Geeta make temples of Sri Krishn but never lived according to it to get connected to Supreme Consciousness for further evolution.

Even then a few like Vivekananda Sri Aurobindo Mahatama Gandhi etc have lived and made it their spiritual strength ATMABAL and added certain things to take humanity ahead and made their lives worthwhile and justified their human existence. Why certain knowledge is available to certain people because Supreme Consciousness wants them to live according to that and by experiencing it reaching some new clues for further evolution according to “Time Requirement”. Evolution never gets stuck at one stage. Geeta is and will be always relevant for the guidance to make human GOD (Superb Human).

Maha manav HONE KA MANAMANTRA hai – true human being with all the divine attributes.

If this purpose is not realized then Geeta is just a scripture to read relate and explain it with minds and understanding of humans of different (various) individualities. This can go for years and years ….and they can never become deserving and open to the Supreme Consciousness to get directives for further growth – according to the requirement of the TIME – today in Kaliyug or to say for this moment. Hence Geeta has to be LIVED and EXPERIENCED according to the TIME REQUIREMENT.

Krishna Consciousness is always ready to descend in form, for that we have to prepare ourselves by learning lessons from previous lessons by knowing both apara and para knowledge + gyan (wisdom). Even though I state this condition of humanity, I say never mind! True growth never stops, like a river; it finds its own path.

Consciousness is not reversible and never repeated. The irony is that the path shown by evolved souls is never accepted and followed while they are alive. That is why Dwarka and all the Vrishni Vansh of Krishn got destroyed.

As time passes by people try to understand the teachings and live in a make believe world that some Krishn (exactly the same who existed in the past) will come and deliver humanity, little realizing that it never happens — will never happen again. The form and the way of showing the path will definitely come but in completely different garb and again not understandable and recognizable with ease by anxious and intellectually inquiring minds.



O Human! You always negated evolved souls at the time they were alive….even tortured them also though mental and physical negation as well as lack of understanding of the SUBTLETIES they so lovingly try to express through their beings….. But after they are gone you glorify them, make their statues temples mosques churches worshipping places and go on repeating their teachings like parrots twisting them according to your motives. You worship & pray to their created images because images cannot point out your short comings and you can say or demand whatever you feel like without being shown the mirror!!!!!!

No truly evolved human of the time resembles the previous one but people (are) knowingly or unknowingly in the thought of searching or hoping to see the same type of image….and behavior!!!!!

Every evolved soul is product of the time requirement.

This is the pure science of evolution.

This is truth.

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Truth About The Large Hadron Collider

Truth About The Large Hadron Collider

Posted on 24 June 2012 by Meena-Om

The Truth About The Large Hadron Collider (LHC)From An Eastern Seer-Scientist

‘Simplicity is toughest to comprehend’

Supreme intelligence – the cause of Supreme Consciousness, the force behind Nature’s play never repeats itself and is also non-reversible. Till now human mind has been unable to conquer Nature so instead, he is fiddling with Nature’s Laws. In this egoistic race to know the secrets of Nature and the Universe, humans have spent so much energy and money that may have been sufficient to create heaven on Earth.

Everybody is aware of the damage done already to our beautiful planet. Global warming is one of the most prominent and evident examples. Even humanity is reeling through rage in accordance with this warming. We all have to understand that human beings are directly connected with Supreme Consciousness, and Supreme Intelligence above us all is aware that man is becoming his own enemy. The imperfections seeping into his being will be the cause of his destruction.

Every act to conquer Nature or to know it whole and complete is his mind game, outcome of an egoistic feel that his mind is capable of knowing everything. His entire concentration is on knowing the Supreme ultimate knowledge of Nature and the Universe and for this, he is using all his resources, scientific knowledge and money to know the unknowable, even at the cost of holding the Earth to ransom by piercing its heart (as in the case of the LHC). Little does he know that knowledge of the Universe and Nature is not a subject of KNOWLEDGE and Information. The moment you have the knowledge of something the very next moment it grow, it changes – it evolves.

Man is inviting his own doom because his mind does not want to register that human existence – a body with a mind given to him for his own refinement and growth, is being propelled by his own inflated ego to question his creator. It is akin to a child dissecting and destroying his mother’s womb to know from where and how he was created. Please stop fiddling with Nature!

We all are well aware of the grave problems facing our planet and humanity. The Supreme intelligence knows its priorities. Even humans should be conscious about their priorities only then can they be in tune with the all-pervading consciousness. To know Nature and the Universe we have to be THAT – Absolutely harmonious and rhythmically attuned with Nature, rather than perpetually thinking of conquering it or trying to KNOW it externally.

Every bit of knowledge and information lies within the human system. To realise it, we have to start an inner journey without damaging or fiddling with anything – actually it is the most beautiful journey that requires no outer means (money or gadgets) just like the Universe, which does not need any external help. The Universe creates Universe out of Universe, only for its own joy and beauty. Humans have to learn this lesson from the Universe. Humans have to ACT like the Universe, behave like Nature to KNOW the feel of Universe to become Universal. Give like Nature be free like the Universe, creating, perfecting and destroying for constant movement and growth without constantly pondering over the past.

All theories regarding the big bang or time and space are mere information generated by worldly sciences and based on past data. Pranam states that evolution does not repeat itself so there is no need of straining minds beyond their capacities or exhausting all available resources just to satisfy the ego of doership of being able to ‘know the unknowable.’

Live and let live. Instead, use available assets to try to improve the quality of human life and make our planet Earth more beautiful rather than damaging its Natural form and course. Science is manmade. It should be harnessed for the comfortable existence of humanity rather than offering damages beyond repair.

In man-created sciences there are different gadgets for different jobs, whereas in the Universe the same object performs two completely contradictory functions. For example, Black holes (krishn vivars) destroy unwanted creation but also retain information in seed form (knowledge) for further evolution. A Black hole is a very powerful whirlpool created by contraction and gravitation of energies to suck up and extract information for the next plan to create. It has immeasurable and unimaginable gravity and force. No mind can enter it as stated by the Master of Universe Dr. Stephen Hawkins. It is a creation of destructing elements of Universal objects and shows that even dying objects have a purpose and a role to play in creation. Destruction of the objects whose play is complete and over means those objects that have lived their purpose to collect information for the next step of evolution. But while resigning, the force created automatically and effortlessly collects relevant data. Everything is recycled. Nothing can be destroyed completely. It only changes form and purpose.

The Universe is the highest scientist and Nature is its laboratory. Hence as already mentioned, all objects created by the Universe work as gadgets to collect data for further creation. Even human beings are mediums for this purpose. So we are all here to be in surrender of the Supreme will by being in tune with it rather than crossing our limits and constantly meddling with the Anant Sanatan – that which is unlimited, continuous, eternal, constantly changing-growing Universal mechanism. How can a perishable object with a limited life span – human, compete with the un-perishable, unending mass of energy? The tiniest spec of energy captive in human body is a part of that vast endless ocean of energy constantly striving to get liberated and merge with its source. The play of human form on Earth is just an experiment of Universal energies for constant refinement for further evolution.

Human is answerable to the Universe rather than questioning it. Question the supreme master and he will beat you in the game. Be worthy of questioning by first completing your homework on Earth assigned to you by the Supreme. Today, man is caught up in his own mind created cobwebs and he has labelled these cobwebs with glorified names, techniques and theories. Now the time is up for human created sciences, theories and techniques. They have reached a stage where they are pointing towards their own destruction.

Human is here merely to work on himself to realise and feel the reality of his own existence rather than incessantly questioning and working towards knowing and unmasking the reality of creation through mind created ego-satisfying means.

The moment human reaches a point where he is self-realised, enlightened and liberated, he will surly know the truth of the Universal mechanism but this cannot be achieved by worldly sciences or techniques. It can only be attained by realising, perfecting and mastering his individual mechanism – in and out. Unless he knows the secrets of his own system he cannot master the Universe or know the secrets of the Universe. As stated in the Ved- yatha pinde tatha brahmande. As the human body, so is the Universe.

Man will be the cause of his own destruction in this world of ignorance because details have frittered us away from reality. Ignorance, hypocrisy and ego have to go. This is the call of the Time and cutting these is the most difficult task facing humanity.

The whole of humanity is reeling through rage and is racing to be ahead of TIME, little knowing that Nature’s rage and fury has no mercy and nobody can wing TIME or be ahead of TIME. Universal Intelligence works on its own Laws of creation, perfection and destruction and every one and everything is an instrument of this perfect eternal cycle.

There is NO GAP in-between Universal happenings. NO TIME &SPACE – Only perfect ripening of events then amputation and spilling to create another. No measurable distances, no layouts or mapping of design or pattern. It is just a free spontaneous flow, taking and following its own course according to its own potential and individual capacity. When Universal creations happen there is no mind or thought, it is only guided by A Supreme Universal intelligence which itself is the outcome of Universal happenings, moment to moment. So if human wants to understand Universal happenings, his thought should be in synchronicity with the speed of the happenings in the Universe. Only a mind, which constantly vibrates with Universal thoughts, can capture the bhav (feel) of the Universe. Human is not here to interfere with Laws of Nature at any cost.

Nature’s design is poorn absolute, whole and complete. She knows how to evolve a ‘superb human’ who knows the secrets of the Universe and its mechanism automatically and effortlessly. Mind has been given to human beings only to work upon themselves to be worthy of Divine Grace. No amount of knowledge, information or acquired evolution can assist humanity to understand the working of the Supreme. It can only be understood by being THAT.

This is the Truth.


Meena Om

O Lord, grant me the power to change the things I can

The courage to accept the things I cannot

And the wisdom to know the difference.

Pranam is a movement for transformation, whole and complete – spiritual, social, political and economic, based on the guidance of the eternal truth of Nature’s Law. Pranam aspires to spread truth, love, karm and light (cutting ignorance wherever prevalent), to realize the joy of being a real human being the perfect creation of Nature and to understand true spirituality – the science of spirit through the merging of Ved and Vigyan.

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I may not…

I may not…

Posted on 23 June 2012 by Meena-Om

I may not be a writer to write bestsellers

I may not be recorded again and again

I may not be in the rat race to win Nobel Prize

I may not be head of any organisation

I may not be a celebrity star

I may not be an industrialist

I may not be successful in worldly language


May be the supreme consciousness which is my guiding force does not want me to spend that purest energy in these perishable gains. My supreme intelligence wants me to be in purest human form, real human form to tell human on this Earth that a human in it’s purest form, essence only can lead to constant Natural growth which is bliss in itself. We are not to reject or renounce this material and worldly world but to reject ignorance, in conscience and hypocrisy – falsehood – which fills our lives when we are not in CONNECTION





This is the truth.

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Posted on 23 June 2012 by Meena-Om

Mansarover Kailash is not a Dhaam – a place for religious pilgrimage where one can stay, live and perform rites, rituals and do penance (sadhna). It is a Gaam – way to the sublime. A Gaam is where you can just be yourself, completely peaceful and tranquil without any ripples in one’s system feeling ONE with Nature’s design. The difference of who is embracing whom is not there at all. (Main main na rahoon tu tu na rahe). There is absolute merging – BLISS.

Mansarover is the end point of GAAM (rasta, marg) – way from where no worldly things or feels (bhavs) can enter the spaces of Supreme’s DIVINE plane of pure energy. It is like the Sahsrar chakra in the human crown, which is the opening point of merging into the infinite, all pervading consciousness.

I always give the example of reaching the highest peak – Summit Everest. There are at least seven base camps needed on the journey to the top and at each camp the burden carried goes on lessening until at the last camp there is only an oxygen cylinder that is taken along with a small flask of water and on the last and final leg even that is discarded. Such is the journey of life. One has to shed so many things, relationships, emotions, and attachments etc on the journey of evolution.

Sri Mansarover is a living testimony of evolution of consciousness residing in human form. It is not a tourist site or a place for religious pilgrimage. If it were meant to be so, over the years, many shrines, temples and other structures would have erupted all over as in the case of other places of religious importance.

Mansarover means a divine, pure and pious lake – reservoir – of the truth of human consciousness. It is a reflection of the pinnacle of growth of true human life, the highest point of human evolution from where human consciousness captive, limited and restricted in the human body with falsehood, doership and ego etc is liberated and ready to take a quantum leap to merge with the all-pervading Universal Consciousness.

Mansarover and Mount Kailash were the destination of evolved souls who wanted to take the final, last and eternal refuge in the purest symbolic form or manifestation of Nature. People, especially monks used the cliff of Mount Kailash (there are still marks of steps) to climb and merge into the infinite by dissolving their whole being from the highest point of Earth planet.

It is therefore, not a place for touristy visits, picnicking or creating fancy spas – in accordance with commercial human minds. Kailash Mansarover is altogether a different zone vibrating on a completely different level corresponding to the ‘vastness’ of the Supreme Consciousness, because it is the manifestation of the Supreme reality of the Supreme intelligence and beauty with absolute purity of Nature. To touch it, drink it, one has to be a truthful particle of Nature by dropping every spec of unnatural state of being. It is a matter of melting into the SAME FEEL, same substance and feel the feel of Supreme Consciousness in this living human body and then descend back according to supreme will to live only for THAT.

Nowadays people with ego of conquering Nature are not sparing even the place of highest Spiritual significance and testimony of human evolution – Mansarover Kailash. It is not just a place of the pinnacle of Nature’s purity, grace and grandeur. It is a divine zone belonging to altogether different plane vibrating at completely different frequency.

It is a truthful test of the seven steps of human evolution. To be deserving to visit Kailash Mansarover, human has to be attuned to that level of evolution – because one has to resonate with the frequency of that place. The aura reflects one’s evolution. So the aura of the place and the aura of human should mingle, be in unison, easily and effortlessly without any resistance or ‘one’ should be connected to or in the aura of the most evolved soul who has the truthful energy to enhance one’s aura. The people who reached there were in groups usually with the evolved souls as their leaders, their thoughts and feels created waves of ONENESS.

So even if a person in the group is in Universal thought of oneness his or her evolution can make others flow through. As with a flock of birds, the sensitivity of the leader bird takes everyone along (as if tied up with a thread, disciplined) towards the destination. This is the rhythm of Nature, synchronistic harmony, rhythm of inner evolution.

All charkas balanced, enlightened, ready for a quantum leap from sahsrar are CALLED by Nature to witness, experience and feel the epitome of Nature’s beauty calm peace tranquillity and bliss – this is the truth.

Nature is the naughtiest. It lets you play fully, according to your gunas (attributes) but the ultimate decision is hers and it comes like a blitz – final stroke.

To a place like Kailash Mansarover one has to go for its sake only. Just for one’s own soul call and Nature’s soul call. Nothing else and NO BODY ELSE. One may be accompanied with people but even then COMPLETELY ALONE – that defines accurate clear true detachment.

Mansarover as the name reflects is a reservoir of unbound vastness of consciousness is now repelling bound consciousness.


In the past few years some Swamis and Saints have visited Manasarover accompanied by a flock of devotees. They reached there with a force similar to the collective harmony of birds. But after their arrival they never behaved like birds. Birds do not claim anything from the place they are visiting. They are always in total surrender and behave and act according to the law, call of Nature. But these Gurus and Swamis made grand claims. Oh! To be the first one – to build or lay the foundation stone for an Ashram or shrine of peace, at such a pious, difficult and high place. What an irony! Building shrines of peace at the cost of blowing their egoistic trumpets, flaunting titled banners, giving lectures, imparting discourses praising each other, glorifying gurus, dancing to human created rhythms, creating noise pollution and so much food and human waste, and most of all generating an atmosphere full of various human thoughts and emotions, alien to such a pure environment.


Mansarover is a place to get energy from Nature only and for survival one has to depend on whatever little is available around. Nature is perfect; she provides everything, which is required by human of that evolved state who is eligible to reach this plane. The other thing is that according to the requirement of this plane, for survival, minimal dependency on resources should be followed as a part of the penance of purification so as to be deserving to witness the greatest glory of Nature unfolding at Kailash Mansarover. To be part of that feel, one has to be as light as possible – TO FEEL THE LIGHTNESS ONE HAS TO BE LIGHT. You have to be that to FEEL THAT. The other side of coin is that – if your being has truly merged into that, then every feel is truthful, alive and can be experienced (felt) with one’s expanded, unbound vast consciousness where the whole Universe is like a small crystal ball on the palm of your hand and every information and feel emanates from it drenching your soul, your whole being.


And to feel that your whole being should be vibrating with Om sound waves – Nad Brahm because the whole region or plane of Kailash Mansarover is without noise pollution. Hence it resounds with the one and only cosmic sound vibration of OM. To resonate with that, one has to flow absolutely with that frequency according to the requirement of time and space. So now Nature has given an ultimatum to human ego that she is the only true master capable of teaching a lesson to human’s falsehood, doership and ego, which are constantly tampering with his own true being (Nature) and clashing with the all pervading Mother Nature. BE NATURAL TO MERGE WITH NATURE.


One has to be Natural or work on oneself according to Nature’s Law, centred in one’s true being, guided by Nature in accordance with the Supreme Consciousness.


NO KNOWLEDGE, NO INFORMATION, no acquired evolution can make human deserving to merge with the Supreme feel. Only pure purity, evolution of all Sensitivities to sensibilities, all Capacities to Capabilities – without even a speck of the feel of arrogance – can make one deserving for that feel of feel.

Melting, flowing, floating, expanding – everywhere, NO BOUNDARIES – Just the limitless ANANT. Then shrinking TO BINDU – just a DOT, then expanding again to BE ONE WITH VASTNESS – everything happening without effort, no time and Space just in sync with the rhythm of Universal expansion and contraction.


The EFFECT of this is






This is the truth of Psychic being

True daughter of Nature



‘Hey manav tu

Jeev ke mansarover tak toh

Pahuncha nahin jo andar hee hai

uss mansarover tak kaise pahunchega jisska marg

PRANAM ke Mana marg se ho kar jaata hai – manas – sarover

Manas chetna sagar – vast lake of consciousness.


(O human, you have been unable to reach the Mansarover in your inner being, how do you expect to reach that manas chetna sagar or vast lake of consciousness, the path to which goes through Pranam’s Mana Marg, a path that cannot be negated).


So be deserving to reach Sahsrar to reach that explosive point from where total transformation or new creation takes place like big bang.

This is the truth.


Meena Om


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Supreme Provider – Providence

Supreme Provider – Providence

Posted on 22 June 2012 by Meena-Om

I turned to my creator for providence
I found my solace in Nature
And lo! Nature provided me with everything
Pampering all my emotional needs
Energy for worldly tasks and sublime deeds
Quenching my thirst for knowledge
Clearing clouds from my suspicions
Dissolving all illusions on planet Earth
Queries of Universal secrets of my existence
All were answered and then I hugged
Now we are inseparable co-travelers
Knowing each other, feeling each other
Communicating in silence
Aware of the same thought at the same time
The Feeling of the Soul
The thought which is not being thought
It is a beautiful happening, A miraculous splendid happening
No duality no polarity, perfect regularity…
I dwell now in the nucleus the point of total merging
One mass of energy floating in to all planes of energy
Effortlessly surging with the essence of the moment
O nature, my love, it is so simple
I turned to you and you made me provider like u
Without any effort
But I am not provider
Witnessing the supreme providence with complete gratitude.

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Posted on 21 June 2012 by Meena-Om

Tranquility is an inner peaceful, content and consistent state of mind. It is not loneliness. It is liberation from all emotional and physical bondages. Physical, emotional and financial dependency is the result of desire and is similar to slavery. Be self-sufficient. When needs are reduced, desires diminish automatically. Being free from desires does not mean not desiring. Desire, but do not get attached to results. Be happy with every moment. If things do not go your way or someone leaves you, still be happy. Everything happens due to a super mechanism, our inner magnetism. It attracts incidents and people according to its growth, evolution and positivity. So try to live each moment to perfection. By stringing together these perfect moments, the final outcome will also be perfect. Tranquility is the first step to create a total void, which will be filled effortlessly with divine light and wisdom. Do not feel lonely, know the beauty of tranquility to know your true self.

Me, My self, My God

My Soul


My Tranquility

I am Five

I am not alone

This tranquility is what God loves!



Satyamev jayate…………..Love never fails……..Karm is Dharm

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